Thursday, April 14, 2011

A Hop, Skip, and a Jump to France!

Our 5 days in Germany flew by and we suddenly found ourselves at the last full day of our trip.
We decided that our destination for the day would be France.  Neither Dan or I had ever been to France and it was only one hour away.  How could we resist?

A man we had spoken with in the hospital waiting room (his toddler was also having surgery) mentioned an interesting French citadel about an hour away.  Dan was excited about the history, I was simply excited about France, and I'm sure Peter was excited that it was only an hour away.  It was a unanimous vote. 

The citadel was located in the city of Bitche, France.  (We heard one tour guide pronounce it "beach" and another pronounce it...the other way....)  Though the name is enough to make you blush, the town itself was very charming.  We were blessed with another beautiful day, which made exploring the in's and out's of the citadel very enjoyable.  The view from the top was specatcular! 

At the top of the Citadel

The view from the top!
 Afterwards, we stopped by a cafe in town for a snack.  A young friendly girl at the counter exchanged smiles with Peter as we pointed to the yummy pasteries and chocolates we wished to try.  Once we were back in the car, Peter happily munched on a French croissant.  Mmmmm.

Our awesome friends at Ramstein loaned us their
stoller, carseat, and MINIVAN for the week!
On our way home, we stopped to snap some photos at the Maginot Line, then hopped back in the car to enjoy the beautiful drive.  Our short trip to France made us eager to return.  Maybe Paris next?

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