Saturday, April 9, 2011

Saint Matthias Abbey (Trier, Germany)

After a morning of pre-op appointments, we were able to take a little day trip to Trier, Germany the afternooon before Peter's surgery.  Trier is only an hour away from our hotel in Ramstein, so it was the perfect afternoon destination.  Our first stop was Saint Matthias' Abbey.  This beautiful Romanesque basilica contains the tomb of Saint Matthias, the apostle that took Judas' place after Jesus' death and Resurrection!  It is also a Benedictine monastery- which made this Benedictine College Alum feel right at home!

Beautiful Saint Matthias Abbey

A beautifully carved statue of Saint Matthias inside of the Abbey
Beneath the statue, in the Abbey Crypt, is the tomb of Saint Matthias. 

We descended the stairs leading down to the abbey crypt.  The crypt was dim, quiet, and peaceful.  The crypt held a large, stone tomb which housed the relics of Saint Matthias.  St. Helena (the mother of the Roman Emperor Constantine) left a portion of St. Matthias' relics in Trier and brought the rest to Rome.  We stopped and prayed quietly near the tomb of this heroic Apostle and friend of Christ.  I got goosebumps as I laid my hand on the stone tomb and asked for his intercession.

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