Wednesday, April 13, 2011

More of Trier: Abbey highlights, the charming square, and wienerschnitzel

I almost forgot to share one of my favorite experiences while inside of Saint Matthias' Abbey!  After visiting the tomb of Saint Matthias, we spent a little extra time visiting the two side chapels.  First, we visited the Blessed Sacrament chapel.  Dan showed Peter how to kneel in front of Jesus in the tabernacle while I said some silent prayers to our Eucharistic Lord as well.  How refreshing it is to be in a Catholic Church after living in a Muslim country for 7 months.  It was completely rejuvenating to sit in Christ's presence and soak up His graces.  Peter's prayers were not so silent, so we soon moved on to the other side chapel. 

The other chapel was in honor of Mary.  It was a very simple chapel with a beautiful painting of Our Lady hanging on the front wall.  Two German ladies, one elderly and one very young, were softly praying the Rosary together.  Though we cannot speak German, Dan and I quietly prayed the Hail Mary with them in English.  We were able to pick out enough of their words to match their German with our English.  What a beautiful reminder of our universal Church!  Both Dan and I have German grandparents, so it was incredible to listen to the words of the Rosary in German and know that our ancestors spoke those same words in prayer! 

After our visit to Saint Matthias' Abbey, we explored a little more of the charming town of Trier.  We stumbled upon several other churches and then found ourselves in a quaint, beautiful town square.  I could've spent a whole day in this square, shopping in the colorful, trendy shops, tasting coffee and patries at the adorable cafes, and taking in all of the sights and sounds.  It was lovely.

We found a cute little yellow restaurant for dinner.  We feasted on Wienerschnitzel, mushroom strudel, and German beer.  Peter spent his dinner nibbling on food, coloring, and smiling at the German waitresses.  It was a relaxing, cozy end to a fantastic day!

Dan feasting on wienerschnitzel!  Yum!

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