Thursday, April 21, 2011

First Haircut

Peter got his first haircut while we were in Germany!

This had been a topic of much debate in the Beaudoin home for weeks and weeks prior to the event.  Dan felt strongly that his little boy needed a clean, short cut.  I was just not ready to let go of those little curls (I am convinced that Peter's curls are the only trait inherited from me.  He is all Dan, through and through and I love that.  But I'm happy that he has just a little bit of his momma in him too.)

On our last day in Germany as we were waiting for our flight home (and Peter was looking especially scruffy after his hospital stay) we decided that the time had come.  We stopped by the Barber Shop on base and took a number.  I must admit, I was almost feeling ill from nervousness!  I was not anticipating such a reaction and I have no idea why it affected me so much.  I think this milestone was just a reminder to me that my little boy was growing up.

The "BEFORE" photo

Another "BEFORE" shot
Peter was not thrilled about the idea at first.  The big, black cape was just too intimidating...and then the tears came.  Our hairdresser, a German girl that Dan would describe as "colorful" and I would describe as "cute and trendy", jumped into action.  She hid the cape, let Peter sit on my lap, and gave him some combs to entertain and distract him.  It worked like a charm!  Soon she was snipping away while Peter examined the fallen hair as it landed on his arm.  When she was done, all three Beaudoin's were happy campers.  Peter looked so cute and grown up!  And the best part: his hair is even curlier now!

A little nervous at first...

Ta da!  All done! 

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