Thursday, November 25, 2010

This Kitchen Ain't Big Enough for the Both of Us

I should be peeling potatoes right now. 

It's Thanksgiving Day.  Peter and I will be going to celebrate with some of our friends soon.  Dan has to work today, which has made this first holiday away from home just a little bit harder.  But I made two pumpkin pies last night and am sincerely excited to celebrate with my wonderful friends.  God is good!

Dan and I will celebrate our Thanksgiving meal together tomorrow.  We are having about 10 of his Airmen over to our house for a Thanksgiving meal.  This will be my very first time cooking a Thanksgiving dinner.  Which is why I should be peeling potatoes right now.
Which leads us to my current predicament.

Two nights ago, we discovered a very unwelcome guest in our home.  As we were finishing up dinner, a sneaky gray mouse scurried across the kitchen floor and slipped under the dishwasher.  Since then, it has left evidence of it's intentions to get cozy and settled with us all over the kitchen.  I am absolutely disgusted by the idea of this guest staying as long as it has already and am doing everything I can to get it out.
So far, the mouse has eluded the traps.  But after spending the morning watching youtube videos on how to catch a mouse, I am armed and dangerous.   Watch out, little pest.  You will not be sharing our feast with us tomorrow!
(Please say a prayer for that!)

It's time to head to our Thanksgiving Feast! 
PS- I have been obsessively and constantly disinfecting our kitchen.  Don't be afraid to try my pumpkin pie! 

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