Saturday, September 11, 2010

A glimpse into our first three weeks

Three weeks ago we boarded a plane and started our journey. 

Each and every step of the way, God has sent us reminders that He is taking care of us.  From super helpful airport employees to friendly fellow travelers...God has shown His love through so many of the people we've met.  And after what felt like an eternity in airplanes and terminals...we landed in TURKEY! 

It's hard to wrap up three incredible, overwhelming, exciting, and exhausting weeks into one little blog post, so I will share a few Turkey nuggets...and add more along the way!

Incirlik is a small base with an amazing community.  I am positive that some of the most genuine and generous people on earth live right here on base.  Everyone has been so wonderful and willing to help us get on our feet.  It has made our adjustment here so much easier and made it feel like home. 
The base itself it beautiful.  Palm trees and sunshine are everywhere you look. 
It's still in the upper 90's here, but a cool breeze comes in the the evening and it's very nice.  During the day, Peter and I stay cool at the pool, at playgroups, and fun friends' houses.  Incirlik is a great place to be a mom (and an 11 1/2 month old).  There is such a wonderful mom community and so many adorable kiddos to be Peter's pals. 

Dan and I LOVE any opportunity we have to go off base and explore Turkey.  Since our car's not here yet, we wait for generous friends to take us on our next adventures.  It's a whole different world out there...never a dull moment! 
One of my favorite places so far is the Turkish Market. That was wild! We went with the Rary family (they were our sponsors and have been AMAZING). We were the only Americans. There were lots and lots of Turks with their fruits and veggies in their carts yelling in Turkish (Buy my peppers! Buy my melons!). It was exciting to learn how to buy fruit with my Turkish Lira and try to communicate with the vendors (they didn't speak English). Peter just watched the whole thing...wide eyed. : )  The produce was so inexpensive and delicious!  It's amazing!  The best peaches I've had in my life. 

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