Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Happy Anniversaries

Yesterday Dan and I celebrated our two year wedding anniversary.  Dan Beaudoin, my life has been quite the adventure since I became your wife!  Last year, we celebrated our one year anniversary by bringing our 4 day old son home from the hospital.  And now, our two year anniversary was spent in our new home...in Turkey!  Never a dull moment. 

We are also celebrating another anniversary.  We have been in Turkey for one month now.  And I think we're adjusting.  Hearing the Muslim call to prayer sounding through the streets as I walk to the grocery store almost feels normal now.  The smell of Summer campfire in the air (from the Turkish people burning their trash) is barely noticeable.  I'm getting used to being blasted by the heat when I walk out the door.  I don't miss the luxury of a cell phone or a car as much as I had a few weeks ago.  "Merhaba" rolls off my tongue almost as easily as "Hello" (Dan and I are working on learning more Turkish) = ).  And I'm getting used to on-line shopping for everything I need.  

I celebrated another small, but exciting, milestone today.  A friend and I walked off base into the alley on our own!  This was our first time going without the help of a more experienced friend.  It seems small, but confidently walking through Turkish security and taking a cultural dive into the streets of Turkey feels like a big accomplishment.  We pushed our two adventurous little men in their strollers down the street to the Tailor Shop.  My friend was having a dress made at the shop and went for a fitting.  Peter and I tagged along, eager for a fun adventure.  It was a success!  We celebrated by going to the Base Pizza Hut for lunch.  Baby steps, right?  Maybe next time we will grab a lamb kabob instead.  = )

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