Sunday, June 7, 2015

European Adventure 2012: St Therese's childhood parish church

When we booked our Lisieux hotel on-line months before our trip, we had no idea how special the location would be.  After we arrived and began exploring, we were thrilled to discover that our hotel was right across the street from Saint Therese's childhood parish church!  We could see the magnificent Cathedrale Saint-Pierre right from our hotel room window!  It was incredible to be next to the church that little Therese attended Mass every Sunday with her family, where she often attended daily Mass, and where she went to confession.  How beautiful to visit the sacred place where the graces of the Sacraments were first planted in her soul!

Do you see little Sarah and even littler Peter beneath the massive cathedral?
  And the inside of the cathedral was just as impressive with its grand pillars and archways!

Tucked near the left entrance of the cathedral was the confessional used by Saint Therese! 

The magnificent high altar

This chapel behind the main altar contains the tomb of Bishop Pierre Cauchon who financed the chapel's construction.  Cauchon was an English-sympathizing bishop who oversaw the trial of St. Joan of Arc which led to her death.
Ironically, another great Saint of France spent time with Cauchon (and could have interceded for his soul) as well:  St. Therese would come to this chapel to attend daily Mass!

Below is the chapel where Saint Therese attended Sunday Mass with her family

Saint Therese's father would rent out this side chapel for his family for Sunday Mass. 
 It was amazing to visit this spot on a Sunday and think of all of the Sundays Saint Therese
and her family spent here in prayer! 
One last glimpse of the incredible architecture in this amazing cathedral--made in the Middle Ages without any machines! 
It was a truly unforgettable stop on our pilgrimage!

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