Friday, November 4, 2011


This Halloween was Peter's first experience trick-or-treating!  We ordered his costume on-line and talked it up for weeks in advance.  So by the time October 31st rolled around, he was ready.  Okay, that's an understatement.  He was completely thrilled!

We met up with some of our good friends and their kiddos for a little pre-trick-or-treating pizza party in the park.  I love Halloween at Incirlik.  The weather is still warm enough for you to be comfy in a sweatshirt, Security Forces members volunteer to walk the streets to keep everyone safe, and the whole base comes alive.  It is so safe and innocent, much like I'd picture trick-or-treating in the 1950's.  Everyone knows all of their neighbors and everyone is out together, celebrating and having fun. 

Peter and I were crayons! 

The Beaudoin's: two crayons and a piece of paper

Peter was so excited!  We'd been practicing for weeks!

He would walk up to the house and say "aaa-teeet!" and boldly hold out his bag.  After his candy was safely in the bag, he'd hurry to the next house chanting "More!  More!  More!". 

Peter's favorite stop of the night was Father Bob's house.  As we approached Father's street, Peter started begging "Bob House!  Bob House!"  Our friends, Nate and Erin, were also there!

The fruits of Peter's labor.  He was so proud!  

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