Saturday, November 5, 2011

All Saints Day Festival

November 1st was the Feast of All Saints Day.  I love this feast.  We celebrate all of our brothers and sisters in Christ who have finished the race; who have attained perfect holiness and union with Christ in Heaven.   It is a beautiful reminder that I am not alone in my journey to Christ.  We have holy big brothers and sisters in Heaven to inspire us with their lives and cheer us on as we run the race toward our Heavenly home.  Just as I find great consolation and strength in asking a dear friend to pray for me, I find an even greater consolation in asking a dear friend in Heaven-who is constantly gazing upon the face of God- to pray to God for me.  There are no magic formulas or superstitions, just Heavenly friendships. 

In fact, the history of Halloween comes from All Saints Day (which was once called "All Hallows Day").  The word Halloween means "All Hallows Eve"...the day before All Saints Day!  I love to try and picture the enormously joyful party up in Heaven on this day as the lives of ALL of the Saints in Heaven are celebrated!

We celebrated All Saints Day at our Catholic parish on base too!  All of the CCD children dressed up as Saints and gave a short presentation on the life of their Saint. 

Peter was Saint Ignatius of Antioch.  Saint Ignatius was the third Bishop of Antioch (which is right down the road from us)!  He was the first Church Father to refer to the Church as "Catholic".  Saint Ignatius was captured for his faith and martyred in Rome. 

Since I am a CCD teacher, I also got to dress up!  I was Saint Helen.  Saint Helen was the mother of the Roman Emperor Constantine.  She used her wealth to help the poor and build churches in the Holy Land.  She is famous for finding the True Cross of Christ. 

My teaching buddy, Katrina, dressed as Saint Gabriel the Archangel.  Her husband and son joined her as Saints Raphael and Michael the Archangels! 

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