Thursday, October 20, 2011

My Big Fat Greek Vacation! (Part Four: Nafplion)

Our adventures next took us to a little port city on the Aegean Sea called Nafplion.  This city was the captial of Greece after the Greek Revolution against the Turks in the 1800s.  After checking in to our hotel, we set off on foot to enjoy the bright blue sea and grab a bite to eat. 

Peter and I by the Aegean Sea
Behind us, you can see a fort in the city's bay.

 We strolled up and down the quaint little streets of Nafplion.  Since it was not the tourist season, we found the streets quiet and many of the restaurants empty.  We walked down a street lined with restaurants, eager to try some fresh fish and more delicious Greek cuisine.  A little hole-in-the-wall restaurant with orange walls and outdoor seating on the cobblestone street caught our eye.  We eagerly ordered the works:  octopus, calamari, salads, fresh fish!  Not long after we dug our forks into our dinners did we realize that this would be a dinner we would never forget. Everything tasted and smelled a bit "off".  The unappetizing fish was accompanied by a cold lump of garlic mush.  As we politely picked at our food, we discovered that we were not alone.  The odors from our seafood had beckoned every alley cat in town to join us.  Soon we were surrounded by three...four...five...six cats meowing loudly, rubbing against us, and begging for food.  Dan's dad scooped up the garlic mush and launched it by forkfulls to the other side of the alley in an effort to get rid of the cats.  Some eagerly lapped up the inedible mush, as other cats appeared out of nowhere to join our feast.  In a flash, we grabbed the bill, left a stack of Euros, and dashed away from our cat-infested table.  We had ice cream for dinner that night. 

The next morning, the boys explored a Venetian-built fortress overlooking the city of Nafplion while the girls and Peter spent the morning at the beach. 

These cells held prisoners with life sentences!

Beautiful view from the fortress!

Me and my super fun sister-in-law, Hannah!  Love that girl! 

 While the boys explored the fortress, Peter splashed in the Sea and the girls enjoyed a little sunshine and relaxation.  It was a little chilly outside, so we had the beach all to ourselves.  Aunt Hannah bought an ice cream bar for Peter from a little snack shop by the beach.  He was one happy camper!

Peter and his FAVORITE aunt! : ) 

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