Sunday, October 30, 2011

Mosque Park Playdate

We recently joined our best buddies for a playdate at the "mosque park".  We live down the road from the largest mosque in Turkey.  It is an impressive sight, surrounded by perfectly cultivated gardens, fountains, and playgrounds. 


Peter's very best friends in the world joined us (William, Elijah, and Isaac)!  It's so much fun to see Peter grow up and develop friendships. They are such sweet boys!  Peter talks about them constantly!

  The boys playing in one of the beautiful fountains 
(On the end is our friend, Patty, who also joined us!)

Wendi and Sarah!  I honestly don't know what I'd do without these girls.  They are beautiful souls and have been such a blessing during our time in Turkey!

I love this picture!  What a unique experience we've been given to live in Turkey!  How often do you hear: "Want to meet at the mosque park on Wednesday?"  I love the uniqueness of our lives here!  Peter is out of the shot...right behind them...running as fast as he can to keep up with the "big boys".  Peter's the youngest one of the group by about a year and looks up to these boys so much!

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