Sunday, May 27, 2012

A New Addition to our Family

We are beginning to wrap up our two year adventure in Turkey (only ONE week until we're back in the USA)!  And as one adventure comes to an end, we look to the many new adventures ahead of us.  The most exciting new blessing for our little family will be a brand new addition...

We're pregnant with Baby Beaudoin # 2!  We're due September 8th (just about one week before Peter's birthday...we just love September babies)!  : ) 

Our dear friend, Linda, took our family pictures.  This girl is so talented!  In addition to being our wonderful friend during our two years in Turkey, she's also been Peter's pediatrician!  Linda and her husband, Shane, will be moving to Germany soon.  We will miss them so much! 

Linda took our photos in the little village right near the base. 

Peter is so excited for our new baby to come!  He insists that we are having a boy (we don't know...we've decided to wait until September to find out!) and thinks that his new little brother will be ready to play football with him right when we bring him home from the hospital.  : ) 

Peter will often kiss my belly and then announce proudly "good big brover (brother)". 

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