Thursday, February 9, 2012

Toddler Bowling (It can be done!)

Several months ago, a friend of mine proposed a playgroup idea.  "Let's try the bowling alley!" she boldly announced.  I was a little unsure of the idea.  I couldn't see how multiple toddlers running around on slippery floors with 6 lb balls in their hands could end up being a positive experience.  However, when you live on a teeny tiny military base in the Middle East with limited activities, you're willing to try anything!  So we tried it!  A group of brave, bold moms brought about 10 toddlers to the bowling alley for a morning playdate.  The result: absolute success!  Sure, they needed lots of help and supervision, but the bowling alley proved to be fairly kid-friendly.  They supplied bumpers in the lanes and metal ramps to help kids push the balls.  Peter and his friends had a blast! 

Our successful bowling adventure started something.  Since then, we've returned as a family to bowl (How fun!  I hadn't bowled since high school!) and several of Peter's friends have had bowling birthday parties!  Every time we go with Peter, he is on cloud 9.  He takes such joy in rolling the big ball down the lane.  It's precious. 

When Peter bowls with Daddy, he skips the child ramp and has Daddy help instead.  It is so sweet to see them heave the heavy ball down the lane and then watch in anticipation as it rolls to the pins. : )

After the ball hits the pins, Peter yells joyfully, jumps, and claps...regardless of how many pins are hit.  Pure Happiness.

He then races back to retreive his ball (which usually startles him a bit when it pops up). 

Do you remember how I mentioned that I hadn't bowled since high school?  It looks like Mommy needs to lace up her bowling shoes more often and practice!


  1. Oh Sarahbee -- You are even a worse bowler than me. How refreshing!!! ;) Miss you friend.

    1. Ha! Yes, Wendi! Whenever you need a pick-me-up, we can go bowling together! : ) Miss you too!