Thursday, September 22, 2011

Peter Turns TWO (and other blessings)!

It rained today!  Maybe not an all out downpour, but just enough of those cool little drops to feel a bit refreshed after an extremely long, hot summer in Turkey.  I can't even remember the last time it rained.  April...May...maybe?  Going that long without a drop of rain just makes you feel...thirsty.  It was so nice to have a little 3 minute sprinkle today.

Those little moments of refreshment have been such a blessing in our lives lately.  When life gets a little too stressful and tiring, these moments feel even more precious.  Today is a good day to count blessings.  Here are a few more:

Peter, as always, is such a source of blessing and joy in our lives.  And last week, our little man turned TWO years old!  I'm not sure who was more excited for this big birthday...Peter or his parents!

Months before his big day, we ordered a little tikes truck for Peter on-line.  After an adventurous journey through Turkish mail, it arrived safe and sound.

The night before Peter's birthday, Dan was up late building his birthday car.  Peter woke up the next morning to find his birthday gift waiting for him in the living room! 

After driving laps around the house (with Daddy's help...his legs need to grow a little more before he can pull himself forward on his own) we decided to take a drive outside!

Peter drove his new car to the park!  Life is good.

We continued the celebration with more gifts from Peter's grandmas, grandpas, uncles, and aunt!  They sent him such thoughtful care packages.  Everything was Elmo, cars, and football themed!  Perfect for our little guy!

We finished our little guy's big day with cake and ice cream followed by phone call birthday wishes from our families back in America.  A wonderful birthday.

The following day was the Air Force Birthday Gala.  It was so much fun to dust off our formal clothes and get dressed up! 

Here we are with Tom and Emily!  They were our sponsors when we first arrived at Incirlik.  They answered our millions of questions before we arrived and assured that we were settled and cared for once we landed in Turkey.  They introduced us to our first Turkish meal and gave us a tour of the grocery store.  They were our lifeline that first overwhelming month.  They are such generous people!
Tom and Emily will be moving with their four children to Japan in December!

My dear friend, Sarah! 
She was my first friend in Turkey (we met at the Baltimore Airport) 
and continues to make life so much fun here!

And here's my handsome date!  Dan wore his Mess Dress at our wedding, so it's always fun to see him in it again!  A few days after the Gala, we celebrated our three year wedding anniversary! 

I love you, Dan!

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