Sunday, May 8, 2011

Sabanci Mosque in Adana

The most famous landmark in Adana, Turkey (the city that we call home during our Middle Eastern adventures) is the Sabanci Mosque.  This mosque was completed in 1998 and is Turkey's largest mosque!  It is an achitectural masterpiece.  This massive landmark, located in the heart of downtown Adana, is almost always used as a reference point when giving directions: "then you turn right at the mosque...".  Everyone knows where the mosque is. 

Our good friend, Sefer, joined us as we took a peek inside our first mosque.  Sefer patiently answered all of our questions and was an excellent guide.  Here's a look at what we learned:

The Sabanci Mosque has an impressive six minarets. 
The area around the mosque is covered with beautiful gardens and fountains. 

Before entering the mosque for prayer, one must wash their face, hands, and feet.  Here is one of the areas that one can clean up before prayer.  One must wash themselves every time they read the Koran, even before reading privately in their own home. 

Here we are inside of the mosque!  We had to take our shoes off before entering and I had to cover my head with a scarf.  Since it was not prayer time when we arrived, the mosque was very quiet.  There were only a few people there quietly saying their prayers. 

Here we are with Sefer!  Behind us are two men saying their prayers.  They must facing the wall behind us for prayer- in the direction of Mecca. 

A devout Muslim prays 6 times a day.  Each of these prayer times takes between 10-30 minutes.  The Call to Prayer sounds throughout the streets to remind them.  The times are based on when the sun rises.  This clock inside of the mosque tells the prayer times for that day. 


  1. 4th picture from top- Two men behind aren't saying their prayers, they probably wait for the next prayer time and since you take pictures and look foreign, trying to figure-out what you are up to next.