Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Peter's Favorite Things

Peter's Favorites
Dedicated to Peter's grandmas, grandpas, aunt, and uncles who we miss so much! 
Here's an update on our little 16 month old!

1. Dogs:
He loves reading about them.  He loves petting them.  He loves trying to pull their wagging tails.  Whenever he sees a dog, he excitedly pants like a dog with his tongue out.

2. Oranges:
The Clementines are so sweet right now.  I cut them up in tiny pieces and he gobbles them up!  We also have lots of orange trees on base.  Peter loves picking up the fallen oranges and carrying them around exclaiming "ball!".

3. Books:
Peter loves to read!  His two grandmas have sent him lots of fun books, which he just devours!  He loves books about Jesus, dogs, tractors ("duh-dor!") (Thanks, Smilie's for the Tractor book!), and animals (he just said "dow" (cow) for the first time today!).

4. Santa:
Yes, it's mid-January.  But the kid loves Santa.  He still carries around a Christmas card with Santa on it.  I can't bring myself to pack up The Night Before Christmas just yet.  It's his favorite!

5.  The Outdoors:
Picking up sticks, examining rocks, poking ants with sticks (yes, he is such a boy), pointing to birds...he loves it all! 

6. Football:
Words cannot describe Peter's intense love for football.  He often comes to me with the TV remote control and pleads "buh-ball", asking to watch football on TV.  When Peter had an ear infection last weekend with a fever of 103.5 in the middle of the night, we took him into the living room to try to cool him down until the Tylenol started working.  He sat on Dan's lap and watched a late night game, forgetting all about the ear infection, and happily chanting "buh-ball! buh-ball!"
I woke up at 5:40 this morning to the sound of Peter standing in his crib chanting "Football! Football! Football!..."

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