Saturday, December 18, 2010

One Week until Christmas!

 It is a unique and sometimes challenging experience to live in a Muslim country around Christmas time.  When we walk off base, there are no twinkly lights, no Christmas carols, no snow covering the ground.  Thankfully, the base does a wonderful job of helping it feel more like "home".  You can find decorations, parties, caroling, and Santa sightings. 

But more than anything, Peter has brought the holiday spirit to our home.  Peter loves reading The Night Before Christmas and exclaims "ehn-nuh!" (Santa) when jolly old Saint Nicolas is spotted.  Peter very seriously and very reverently loves picking up baby Jesus from the manger scene to give Him a big, dramatic kiss (several dozen times a day).  He loves toddling up to the Christmas lights hung in front of the grocery store to gaze in wonder.  He loves gently reminding me ("mmmmma! mmmmma!") to plug in the Christmas lights on our one foot tall tree.  He loves blowing out the candles from our Advent wreath when dinner is done. 

It's just one week until Christmas! 

Dan has a few extra days off this coming week, so we bought some plane tickets and are taking a little trip!  I'm keeping our destination a surprise...but I'll give you a hint.  We will ask Mamma Mary for her intercession for all of you, dear friends, in this special spot!  Please say a prayer that we stay safe & healthy (and that our very basic Turkish will keep us out of trouble!).  

Come, Lord Jesus! 

p.s. Did you know that Saint Nicholas is from Turkey?!?

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